An Overview

An Overview: What and who we are!

BioGeny is a life science blog, especially for students, teachers, researchers, and interested people who are eager to know the life science more deeply. It may be surprising to look at the name, BioGeny, but it has a gorgeous background. The blog name “BioGeny” is not a sudden coming out. BioGeny is named according to the first scientific theory of life science, “The Theory of Biogenesis”. BioGeny will include articles from all sorts of fields refers to the life science, i.e., biotechnology, immunology, molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, genetic engineering, environmental and interaction biology, evolutionary biology and biodiversity, breeding science, bioinformatics and nanotechnology, biochemical engineering, agricultural and plant biotechnology, nutrition and public health, neurology, genetic disorder and gene therapy and more. In fact, BioGeny discusses about the most recent topics of the advanced biological science, thereby unfolding the mystery of life.

Besides articles publishing, you find BioGeny as a potential resource of ebooks, magazine and popular journal links related to biological science. BioGeny also try to make a fortune by providing recent job and scholarship news that can be helpful for them, who is looking for a job or higher education in abroad. In addition, we provide some basic life science tools and databases needed in bioinformatics and gene sequencing. So, take us with your hope and make your dream true.