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Section 6: Article Writing Components

Why is my Article Title Important?

Effective titles increase the likelihood of article syndication. They encourage your readers to keep reading so it is important that you focus on GOOD titles that will attract your readers.

Why Should I Use the Title Suggestion Tool? has sifted through over 10 terabytes of data to uncover the most popular keywords and keyphrases that are currently being used to find articles in different niches and categories.

A team of title writers create hand crafted, keyword rich, and data backed titles that you can use. We know that better titles increase the likelihood that your article will be found.

To get YOUR laser-targeted article title suggestions:

  1. Log into your Expert Author Account.

  2. Select the Write & Edit tab and select "Title Suggestions" in the menu on the left.

  3. To find titles, go to the Search Titles section. Choose a category and enter your keyword.

  4. Select a title to claim it.

You are able to claim up to 5 titles at once. You have 7 days to either use or reject any of these titles.

To use a claimed title, hover over and select it. It will automatically be placed in a new article submission form.

You can also view all of your claimed titles by selecting the Title section of the article submission form:

  1. Log into your Expert Author Account.

  2. Select the Write & Edit tab from the top of the interface.

  3. On the "Submit New Article" screen, select the "Title" field.

  4. The title box will appear. If you have claimed titles, you can select "Show Claimed Title Suggestions" to view them.

Title Suggestions Are Protected - If you are submitting a new article and you happen to use a title that's in our Title Writer System, you'll receive a notification that this title already exists in our system. It will be removed from the title inventory and you'll be allowed to use it.

If you are submitting an article title that has already been assigned to another author through our Title Writer System, you will be notified and be asked to change the title in order to submit the article.

What is a Resource Box?

Your Resource Box is located at the bottom of your articles. This is where readers can find more information about you. It is important to keep in mind that your article body is your GIVE (where you provide your valuable knowledge) and your Resource Box is your TAKE (where you provide self-serving information).

A Resource Box contains four key elements:

  1. Your name.

  2. Your website address (for example Each article may have up to 2 self-serving links. Using the full valid URL instead of an anchor text link will ensure that your link remains active when a publisher re-uses your article.

  3. Your "pitch" or Unique Selling Proposition - Do not list all your accomplishments. This lessens the likelihood of article distribution. Keep it simple with 1-3 sentences.

  4. Your Call to Action - Limit it to one call.

Can I Use HTML in my Articles?

Limited HTML can be used in your articles. Here is a complete list:

  1. <b>BOLD</b>

  2. <strong>STRONG</strong>

  3. <i>ITALICS</i>

  4. <em>EMPHASIS</em>

  5. <u>UNDERLINE</u>

  6. <br> is used to force a hard line return. Use this HTML tag in the Resource Box to prevent our system from trying to wrap your short sentences together into one paragraph.

  7. <pre> and </pre> To make a text table look right.

  8. <blockquote>TO INDENT A PARAGRAPH</blockquote>

  9. <xmp> and </xmp> are used to display HTML code if you want to show the HTML code but not have our system interpret your code as HTML commands.

  10. <ol> and <ul> tags to create a NUMBERED LIST or a BULLET POINT list. See the Essential HTML article link below for further instructions on how to implement if this is your first time using these tags. These are OPTIONAL tags as you can always just left justify a numbered list or use * asterisks for bullets; it makes your article much simpler to reprint.

Where Can I Put my Copyright Information?

If you choose to include your copyright information, place it at the bottom of the body of your article, not the top. If you put it on the top, we will move it to the bottom.

It is important to keep in mind our Terms of Service when adding your own copyright. All of the articles on our website are available for republishing on other websites. Your article may be picked up by a publisher and syndicated and your copyright may deter this.

Can I Place my Article in Two Different Categories?

No. Only one category can be selected per article.

We suggest you pick the category that is MOST RELEVANT to your article's content and will get it the most exposure. When selecting a category, think of a reader who may subscribe to the articles in that category. Would they expect to find your article in that category? Is it relevant?

Can I Submit an Article with Graphs/Images/Pictures?

No. Articles may not contain graphs, images, or pictures. If you need to provide a visual example, link your reader to a webpage that provides this supplemental content.

Where Can I Go for Additional Article Writing Training?

We offer an extensive training series designed to assist our members with fine-tuning their article writing skills.

In addition, reading the BioGeny Blog is a valuable way to gain information about article writing and its benefits and allows you to build relationships with other Expert Authors like you.

What Happens to my Article After it's Approved?

We call this the Booster Rocket Effect!

  1. Your article is approved.

  2. We send it to our RSS feeds in real-time and your article gets read by folks who view our site in their favorite RSS reader. A select group of approved RSS publishers publish your title, summary and a link back to the full article, giving it more traffic.

  3. We make it available to our new XML keyword search partners that return keyword search results of the most recent articles submitted as we can only display 10-25 usually for them... hence, the newest articles get listed first.

  4. Your article gets included in the recently submitted articles in the category you selected until it gets bumped out of the list. That means other articles from your fellow authors help bring traffic to your article for about 20-35 position movements.

  5. Your article gets promoted to our proprietary email alert lists and this brings more traffic to your articles.

  6. The search engines discover your article and give you an initial ranking. A few days to a few weeks later, your position in their indexes settles due to intense competition for the top.

  7. In our category views, we list the newest articles on top and the oldest near the bottom. This is designed to encourage you to send in a continual flow of articles while giving our web surfers the freshest content.

The Booster Rocket Effect is why you may see more traffic to your article in the first few weeks. We recommend that you continue to submit articles and let your existing article portfolio continue to work for you. Focus on evergreen content so that your article withstands the test of time.

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