About us

Life science is a rapidly emerging field of science that discusses about the science behind life, or science related to living things. Life science has the enough potential to recreate our planet with an ever better way, and it’s just beginning; hence, it's designated as the science of the 21st century. Another name reserved for life science is biological science, but we prefer the first one. Time forward with giving birth to numerous discoveries in life science every moment from the various corner of the world. Keeping it mind, we conceive the idea of this life science blog BioGeny, and make it further.

An Overview: What and who we are!

BioGeny is a life science platform, especially designed for students, teachers, researchers, a nd interested people who are eager to know the life science more deeply. It may be surprising to look at the name, BioGeny; but it has a gorgeous background. “BioGeny” is not a sudden coming out, it is named according to the first scientific theory of life science, “The Theory of Biogenesis”. BioGeny will include articles from all sorts of fields refers to the life science, i.e., biotechnology, immunology, molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, genetic engineering, environmental and interaction biology, evolutionary biology and biodiversity, breeding science, bioinformatics and nanotechnology, biochemical engineering, agricultural and plant biotechnology, nutrition and public health, neurology, genetic disorder and gene therapy and more. In fact, BioGeny discusses about the most recent topics of the advanced biological science, thereby unfolding the mystery of life.

Besides articles publishing, you find BioGeny as a potential resource of ebooks, magazine and video tutorials related to biological science. BioGeny also try to make a fortune by providing recent job and scholarship news that can be helpful for them, who is looking for a job or higher education in abroad. In addition, we provide some basic life science tools and databases needed in bioinformatics and gene sequencing. So, take us with your hope and make your dream true.

Our Aims: Where we are heading to!

BioGeny is the first life science online portal of Bangladesh. At the beginning, we want to concentrate only to enrich our site with educational materials (articles, ebooks, tutorial and tools) that will help to understand the complexity of advanced life science. BioGeny will encourage the students to learn life science and to do research in life science. Thus, we gradually increase awareness about life science to the people. It’s our way out, but we have an ultimate and long cherish goal. Our mission is to create a place where world-class researchers, scientists can write articles and discuss issues of life science, without being filtered by size or editorial limitations, where there are no other agendas. Finally, creating a life science journal that will have enough potentialities to enrich students, teachers, researchers and scientists. Being a developing country, Bangladeshi people have little access to research works. Bangladesh has very few life science journals that can barely fulfill the requirements to be an international quality journal. As a result, most of our brilliant students, researchers have had to seek out for the international journals with high amount of money payment/donation. We are highly motivated to change the situation and enlarge the fields of research and scope in life science. Every genius geek will be able to publish their scientific papers within their efforts in fully matured life science journal.

In a nutshell, we would like to see BioGeny as one of the best life science journal publisher in Bangladesh. Needless to say, you the people can fulfill our dream by contributing to BioGeny with your knowledge and valuable time.

Contact with Us

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