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Registration: Becoming a member

To publish your articles on BioGeny, you must have an account. You can create your account in BioGeny from our registration page. After going to the registration page, you could see a form. By providing the correct information, you can create your profile. Being an author of BioGeny, one can get the full privileges of this blog. Now, you are able to read, write and publish your writings. You just own a world, a world of life science. Let’s walk on it.

Reviewing: Checking your strength

We do not let the author to directly publish their writings in BioGeny. It is one of the core condition of BioGeny but sorry, if it hurts someone. After submission, all the articles are subjected to review by our proficient Editorial board & Reviewer Panel Members. They will check for errors and plagiarism. If the errors and plagiarism rate is found to be high, then the article will be sent back to the corresponding author, and they will be suggested to scrutinize the articles and fix the errors, plagiarism too. Take a deep breathe!

Publishing: Return you a big day

If the articles are free of errors and plagiarism rate is within range, it will be published as soon as the reviewing process is completed. A notification will be sent to your email address after publishing your writings. You can see and find your articles upon visiting BioGeny. Oh! One last thing, in case of your writings is rejected in the first place, you can send it back to us after fixing the errors. We are promised to publish your articles. Never give up!