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Section 11: Fixing Your Problematic Articles

What Does the "Problem" Status Mean?

If an Article is in "Problem" status - it means there is a problem with the article and it needs your attention before we can publish it. You will get an email explaining the problem with the article. Be sure to resolve all the errors listed and resubmit the article.

If you do not understand an article rejection email, please contact us and we will assist you.

What Happens if my Article Doesn't Pass Editorial Review?

If your article does not meet the standards designated in the BioGeny Editorial Guideline, the article is placed into Problem Status and you will receive an email notifying you of the issue as well as how you can address it. Read the email completely. If your article has multiple problems, be sure to address them all before resubmitting.

After you've made the changes to your submission and resubmitted your article, it will go back through the Editorial Review process.

Problematic articles resubmitted without necessary corrections may be blocked from further Editorial Review. Contact Member Support if you need assistance.

How Do I Find my Issue in the Editorial Guidelines?

The Editorial Guideline are broken up into 5 sections that are expanded upon in greater detail to help you through any issue you may have. These sections are: Introduction, Article Content, Author Name, Format, and Affiliate Programs & Links.

The email you receive from us will reference a specific section of the Editorial Guidelines to help you further target the issue so you can revise the article.

If you have questions at any time, feel free to contact the Member Support team for assistance.

Why Does The Email Tell Me To Contact The Member Support Team?

Most problematic submissions are trend or error-based and can typically be addressed in the email you receive. For problematic articles that require further clarification, we request you contact our Member Support team so we can explain the issue in more detail.

To contact Member Support, simply select Contact Us! in the upper-left corner of your account.

What Will Happen if my Article is Rejected Once Again?

We will not accept numerous resubmissions of problematic articles. When we review articles that are problematic multiple times, it can delay our overall review times for members. To provide everyone with better and faster review, we are cutting down the number of times we will be reviewing articles found to be problematic.

We request that members fully and completely correct all issues the first time their article is placed in problem status.

To help you avoid repeat rejections, we've discovered the top 5 reasons an article may be placed in problem status upon resubmission:

  1. The article contains multiple grammar, spelling, or punctuation issues.

  2. The article contains promotional content or references.

  3. The article is uninformative, unoriginal, or overall lacks value.

  4. The article body does not deliver on the promise made in the title.

  5. One or all of the links lack quality or are a poor user experience.

If you need assistance pin-pointing the issue in your article or you need clarification on our Editorial Guidelines, feel free to contact our Member Support team at any time.

What do I do if I Don't Understand the Issue?

Don't resubmit your article until you fully understand the issue. Consult our Member Support team by logging into your account and selecting the Contact Us link in the upper-left corner of the page. To help us address your issue as quickly as possible, include the article title as well as details related to your question.

Should I Resubmit my Article as a New Draft?

Do not create a new draft for the article. Once you understand the reason why an article was placed in Problem Status, correct the problem by editing the existing draft. Creating a new, similar version of the same article will likely flag it as duplicate content, and will not be accepted.

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